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What Is BlabLab?

BLABLAB is a pop-up exhibition that addresses the challenges we have during conversations with our friends, and discusses how to become better support systems for them.


When’s the last time you thought about how you talked to other people? Do you ever think about how other people talk to you?

Inspired by our own lack of awareness about how we converse with others, we’ve designed an exciting set of activities that reveals our different communication styles, facilitates open dialogue about misunderstandings, and provides tips on how to become better listeners.

We hosted the first Blablab at Carnegie Mellon University on May 2nd, 2018 where students enjoyed some lemonade and learned more about how we conversed with one another!

Blablab 2018

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Questions? Comments?

BLABLAB is hosted by CMU Design seniors. Feel free to contact Christie at cchong1@andrew.cmu.edu!